Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"The Enemy of my enemy is my friend." House Dems, joined by 26 Republicans (many of them Tea Party members), vote down Patriot Act extension.

Today, Dennis Kucinich and the Tea Partiers were on the same side. If Obama wants to be on the wrong side of this issue (as he seems to be on the wrong side in nearly every aspect of the 'War on Terror'), then so be it. But the House of Representatives has shot down a measure to extend the three most grievous portions of the Patriot Act from 2001 (the 'lone wolf' provision, the roving wiretaps, and the unchecked powers to seize records with little-to-no probable cause). It has been beyond disheartening to watch Barack Obama more or less carry the mantle of unchecked police powers and indefinite detention that highlighted George W. Bush's reckless and counterproductive 'War on Terror' strategy. More importantly, the apparent approval and continuation of such policies by the Obama administration has turned what was once a bitterly divided series of issues into something resembling bi-partisan consensus. Quite frankly, there is much that the likes of Rand Paul and Dennis Kucinich can indeed agree on. Perhaps this may be the start of the genuine liberals in Congress joining with the genuine conservatives in order to attempt to stop much of the genuinely un-American activities that have occurred post-9/11 on our watch and in our name. It is a pipe dream, but it is a goal worth advocating none-the-less.

Scott Mendelson

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Rick said...

Finely, something bi-partisan that doesn't mean "republicans are right, liberals are wrong." Here's hoping it makes it through the Senate as well.

Oh, I didn't know you could be "in front of" disheartening, so to speak.


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