Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bridesmaids gets a trailer.

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Put simply, this looks pretty amusing. The cast is terrific, and there theoretically is a market for a bawdy screwball comedy that happens to involve female comedians. The question is, will the same pundits who decried The Hangover and Hot Tub Time Machine for being all-boys-club affairs now decry this film for daring to portray female characters who are just as obnoxious as the boys? I sincerely hope not, but Judd Apatow as a producer puts this one squarely in the bullseye for the likes of Jezebel (the director is Paul Feig). Remember, the guy had the decency to write three-dimensional characters in The Forty Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up (especially Leslie Mann as a frazzled mother) and was still attacked because those characters weren't has devil-may-care fun as the immature men. It will be interesting to see how this fares commercially and critically against The Hangover 2, which opens just two weeks later. Come what may, Bridesmaids opens on May 12th.

Scott Mendelson


Glenn Dunks said...

I can just see people who loved The Hangover insulting this one because it's female characters dare not have the same pursuits as men.

Scott Mendelson said...

Actually Glenn, I'm thinking that the very same pundits who criticized the 'boys-will-be-boys' ethos of The Hangover (which I disagreed with, they got punished for each infraction in one way or another) will criticize the female characters for 'perpetuating negative female stereotypes'. We all want worthwhile female characters, but many of the same (often feminist) pundits than complain when the female characters aren't flawless role models.


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