Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Vote has officially been Rocked.

Obviously the big news is fantastic. Barack Obama won 52% of the popular vote (62 million voters) and swamped the electoral college (as of now - 338 to 162). The Senate is now 56 Dems to 40 Repubs, with four undecided and the House is now 252 to 172, with 11 still undecided.

And the much-fabled Youth Vote finally stood up, showing up in truly record numbers as part of the record 136 million people who voted (66% - the biggest since 1908). Of course, the entire population of voters increased so much that the actual percentage of youth vote only increased by 2%, but that was still the largest growth of any group.

This means far more than this single election. What this also means is that, assuming Obama doesn't blow it, he can count on a landslide re-election, fueled by all the younger supporters who will be 18 or older by the time 2012 rolls around. As this younger generation stays motivated in politics and then encourages their children to do the same, I think we can expect voter turnout to only grow higher and higher for the next few elections.

Speaking of which, there's a great bit in this article, dealing with the 'Barney Generation'. "We're now seeing the first votes cast by the "Barney" generation. Countless afternoons during their childhood, millions of Millennials sat down to watch a big purple dinosaur teach problem-solving to a diverse cast. “They all solved their problems by the end of the half hour, and they all accept one another,” Hais says." I guess TV really is good for kids.

Mazel tov to everyone who did their part. And thank you so much to those who did more than just vote. To those who did so much more than I had time to do, to those who did more than vote, give money and sign petitions, you have my undying gratitude.

Scott Mendelson

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