Wednesday, November 12, 2008

MAD TV - 1995-2008 - RIP

The Defamer is reporting that Mad TV has been canceled in the middle of its 14th season. I will miss it for two reasons.

1) Unlike its more popular rival, Saturday Night Live, Mad TV usually knew when to end a skit, rather than dragging it out to the point of tedium. And, frankly, their sketches without a built-in high concept were often sharper and funnier than the free-form sketches on Saturday Night Live.

2) Mad TV did TV satire better than any other medium on the block, including the example below, one of my all-time favorite sketches anywhere.

Rest in peace, old friend. You will be slightly missed.

Scott Mendelson

Their best political sketch: I Rack

Their best movie spoof: Terminator 4: The Greatest Action Story Ever Told

Their best TV spoof: Suddenly Millenium

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