Saturday, October 18, 2008

Quantum Of Solace - most of my worst fears confirmed?

Five reviews have leaked out of the recent UK Quantum Of Solace screening. Two positive, two mixed, one very negative. What concerns me is that the mixed and and negative reviews (and to a lesser extent, the positive notices) seem to act as if they read my prior post concerning my fears with QoS and checked off the answers in the affirmative. Apparently, the answers are - yeah, yup, yes, and afraid so.

Is the film in fact 105 minutes with credits, thus feeling somewhat rushed and choppy? Check.

Is the film basically non-stop action with minimal character and story? Seems so.

Has the coherent and expertly staged action from Martin Campbell been replaced by the frenetic, sloppily edited and impossible to follow style from the later Bourne films? Apparently.

Has the realism and real-world plausibility been replaced by something resembling Moonraker? Fraid so.

I'm still hopeful, but I'm concerned at how especially the negative review at the bottom (to be fair, from the least official source) feels like a checklist of what I was afraid would happen. Here's hoping that The Times is more on the mark than The Guardian. For the record, all of these reviews are pretty spoiler-free, although the BBC review hints at an already revealed spoiler.

Positive from The Times
Positive from The BBC
Mixed from The Independent UK
Mixed from Guardian UK
Negative from The

Scott Mendelson

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