Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nowhere to go but up, right? (Friday the 13th trailer

Will it measure up to... uh... the groundbreaking cinematic masterpiece? Frankly, I have no objection to a remake of Friday The 13th. We're not talking about a classic like Halloween. This isn't even A Nightmare On Elm Street, which somehow needs to find someone to measure up to Robert England (aside from that, a remake would be fine, as the kids in the original are pretty bad actors).

This is Friday The 13th folks. It was crap in 1980, and it'll likely still be crap this coming February 13th. Now, if they touch the surprisingly self-referential and hilarious Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, then they're asking for it! On the other hand, maybe they can remake Friday The 13th Part VII, this time with enough money to allow Jason to, I dunno, actually 'take Manhattan'? Otherwise, I know full-well that my wife is going to drag me to this, probably on opening night. So, I'll put my best face forward, wear my shirt with the collar-up, buy some Skittles, and party like it's 1988!

But then, I'm the guy who thinks that Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning is the best, scariest, and most character-driven of the entire franchise.

Scott Mendelson

And, no, I will not be adding Jason Vorhees to my MySpace friends list, thank you much.

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Anonymous said...

The kids in the original Nightmare on Elm Street are pretty bad actors? You do know that Johnny Depp was in it, right?


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