Sunday, October 5, 2008

The finest in political discourse (Batman debates The Penguin). Plus does Batman Returns predict the current political landscape?

Delightfully timely, as I presume it will always be.

On that note, you have the climactic Penguin speech from Batman Returns. In a weird way, it's story was way ahead of its time. The Penguins whole arc is that of a completely substance-less freak, using the strength of his biographical narrative, riding a wave of sympathy and naivety to political power. Pay attention to the speech The Penguin gives as Wayne and Alfred are preparing to mess with his sound system. It's absolute gibberish, full of political cliches and empty rhetoric. I've always found it hysterical.

Alas, right as the speech ends, about 35 seconds in, the maker of this clip decided to add his own obnoxious music. It was the only clip of this scene I could find.

Scott Mendelson

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