Friday, September 5, 2008

In A World With Don LaFontaine... film trailers were far more entertaining.

Old news, but still worthy of mention. Don LaFontaine, the man who more or less invented modern voice over, especially in the realm of film trailers, died Monday at the age of 68 from complications from pneumothorax (a collapsed lung issue).

Maybe I should feel a little guilty, but, as an occasional dabbler in voice over, one of the first thoughts I had when I heard the news was something similar to the line echoed at the end of the first video below.

"In a world without Don LaFontaine... we'd all have a lot more money!"

He may have dominated the promo and trailer marketplace, but he also did it better than any one else. We'll also be a little sadder in that world. He was the God of his industry, and allegedly a hell of a nice person. Those who knew him will miss him, and those who only knew his voice will miss hearing him.

Don LaFontaine - 1940-2008 RIP.

Scott Mendelson

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