Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weekend Final Numbers...

The List

Hellboy II: 34.5 million. Played like a decent genre entry, and the only reason it may not get to $100 million is the issue of competition next weekend. Let's hope when everyone sees The Dark Knight on Friday or Saturday, that they decide to catch up on Hellboy II on Sunday and the weekend after.

Hancock - Once again, critics are rendered irrelevant. And since most critics were wrong, yay for that. Falling a relatively small 48%, Hancock finished weekend number two with 32 million. With a 12.5 day total of $164 million, Hancock is guaranteed to crack $200 million and end up the third or fourth highest grossing film of the summer, depending on how ol' Batsy holds up after its likely gigantic opening weekend. Yay for challenging, arty genre pictures!

Journey To The Center Of The Earth - $21 million. Played like a solid family film. Don't expect much in the way of legs, but this $45 million experiment should finish a touch under $50 million with decent overseas business to be a boon. Of course, unless Warner Bros. finds a way to replicate the 3D experience on DVDs and BluRays, expect this to be an under-performing family title.

Meet Dave - $5.2 million. Shades of Pluto Nash. Nothing more to see here folks, move on along.

Kung Fu Panda has crossed $202 million, becoming Dreamworks' biggest non-Shrek cartoon ever. Yay for quality cartoons!

The Incredible Hulk now has $129 million. With a little more push, it should surpass Ang Lee's $132 million Hulk gross from 2003. Yay for terrible business decisions!

While it sure didn't break out, Kit Kittridge surpassed its $10 million budget. It's all gravy from here folks.

I'll do a super early box office bingo for next weekend sometime tomorrow night. I'll be out of town from Thursday to Sunday, so expect a super-exhaustive weekend report to compensate for missing the Saturday morning rundown. I'm betting a friend $1.00 that The Dark Knight does not beat Spider-Man 3's $151 million record haul. It's a bet I'd be happy to lose, so we'll see if fanboy fanaticism translates into mainstream mania.

Scott Mendelson

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