Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friday Numbers...

The List

Because July 4th fell on a Friday last weekend, the Friday to Friday drops are obscenely small and give us almost no information over how the holdovers will fare over the weekend. Thus we'll concentrate on the newbies and there isn't much to report there either.

Hellboy II pulled in a solid $13.9 million. Assuming moderate frontloading (sequel, genre film), figure this terrifically entertaining film to pull in about the $35 million I called yesterday (I like being right, especially about good movies doing well). Nice work Universal. I was at a Guillermo del Toro Q&A at the Arclight last night, and I can tell you that he is very appreciative of the support he got from Universal compared to Sony (those NBC tie-in ads were brilliant). I can't say where the movie will go from here, as while word of mouth is likely to be terrific, it's obviously going to get hammered by Space Chimps next weekend. Still, this is a terrific number for an offbeat, terrific movie.

Journey To The Center Of The Earth pulled in a solid $6.7 million. If this plays like a regular movie, it'll pull in about $18 million. If it plays like a kids film (with the huge uptick for Saturday and Sunday matinees), expect around $23 million. We'll see. Either way, this is a fine number for a moderately budgeted experiment (is Brendan Fraser the Al Jolson of 3D?).

Meet Dave... at least $15 million? I didn't say that, did I? Oh well. Eddie Murphy's barely advertised family sci-fi comedy was dead on arrival with a pathetic $1.7 million. Even being generous and treating it as a family film, it's best case scenario is $6 million for the weekend. If Murphy caves in and signs on for a Brett Ratner directed, PG-13 rated Beverly Hills Cop IV in the coming weeks, we'll know why.

More when the finals come out on Monday night or Tuesday morning.

Scott Mendelson

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