Monday, July 21, 2008

Apologies for the delays...

There is lots to discuss and 'report', but real life has intruded just a bit. I'm back in town and all is well, but my wife caught a bug so I'm on full-on dad duty for at least the rest of the day.

Future topics (I promise)

- The Dark Knight's opening weekend numbers (apparently realism was a bad instinct - yay for optimism).

- Ebert cuts ties with 'Ebert At The Movies' and Roeper is set to depart - what it means.

- Various political nuggets

- The politics of The Dark Knight and the fallacy of its alleged 9/11 allegories (it's in there, but not in the way the pundits are claiming).

More to come and my apologies for the delays.

Scott Mendelson

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