Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wait a minute...

Speaking of The Brave One, I did finally see it when it came out on BluRay early this year. It's not very good, but it does have one priceless scene about forty-minutes in.

Jodie Foster's fiancee has been murdered, and she's desperate to get a gun. So she walks into a gun store. Alas, the gun store owner won't sell her a piece right away because of a variation on the Brady Bill. She leaves in frustration and another customer follows her out and offers to sell her an illegal gun for $1,000. Two things of note...

A) Unless the gun store owner is in cahoots with the black market gun dealer, I'd imagine that scheme would only work once or twice. After all, surely the owner would notice this guy who stands around his store, never buys anything, and then follows any disgruntled customer out of the store and comes back happy. Suspicious?

B) In this scene, we have Jodie Foster being upset and outraged because she can't buy a handgun right away. She can't buy this handgun right away because of The Brady Bill. Jodie Foster plays a character who gets upset over the Brady Bill. Think about that for a minute...

Scott Mendelson

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