Friday, May 2, 2008

Sex And The City gets an R! (R also stands for Really long!)

As I was leaving the theater this afternoon (full Iron Man review coming soon), I glanced at a standee of Sex And The City. By the way, regardless of what Maxim thinks, I can think of many, many people less sexy than Sarah Jessica Parker. I've had a thing for her since LA Story back in 1991 (I was eleven) and I still occasionally do (and I'm sure at least Matthew Broderick and David Letterman would agree).

The ad did confirm that the movie is indeed rated R (for strong sexual content, graphic nudity and language). Hooray for New Line/Warner for not wussing out. There were, if you recall, rumblings about them going for a PG-13 to appease the fans who discovered the show in its edited syndication form, as opposed to the true loyalists who watched the show back in its HBO days. Glad to see they didn't.

I know that this has been discussed elsewhere, but the full trailer does seem to offer a 'Big' hint about the shocking event in the first act. Well, what does it usually mean when a main character is only in the beginning of the trailer and doesn't even appear in the closing montage? Oh well, at least Mike Logan is still alive and kicking (provided Goren doesn't eat him later this season). I'm curious to see if I'm right or not.

I just checked IMDB and the movie is also 140 minutes long! Sweet mother of God! If my wife does succeed in making me come with her for that, then she deserves every one of the 165 minutes that The Dark Knight allegedly runs.

Scott Mendelson

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