Friday, May 2, 2008

Incredible Hulk trailer promises 'Ultimate Destruction'?

Regardless of the eventually quality of the new Incredible Hulk movie, I was most amused at how many images and action beats in the new trailer seem taken right from the 2005 video game Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. Released on most platforms at the time, it was basically Hulk in a Grand Theft Auto type open environment. And, quite frankly, it's terrific fun and one of the best comic book video games I've ever played. Even the final trailer tag (Hulk using two smashed cars as arm-guards) is taken right from the game, as are the bits involving running up alongside takes, running up and down buildings, and jumping into a helicopter and wrestling it to the ground. Granted, I'm sure Hulk has done these things in the comics before too, but I got a major sense of de je vu while watching the trailer. And truth be told, if the Incredible Hulk movie is 1/3 as much fun to watch as Hulk: Ultimate Destruction is to play, we may all be in for a major surprise in a month.

Scott Mendelson

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