Thursday, May 29, 2008

"No one could have predicted the levees would break..."

Pardon the use of the Katrina disaster to make a box office related point, but here we go again. Sex And The City will open to $40-$50 million over the weekend (I'm thinking around $45 million) and the analysts and pundits will wring their hands in amazement and claim that women are the new hot audience. Just like Tyler Perry movies will always 'surprise' those who aren't paying attention to ten minutes ago. And then, five minutes later, the studios will get back to ignoring 51% of the moviegoing populace and pretending that all women's pictures must involve women suffering mightly in a female fashion.

It's also heavily ironic that Warner Bros. will reap the rewards for a film that they passed on and only obtained because they killed New Line Cinema and stole their production slate.

Scott Mendelson

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Anonymous said...

Scott, by being at the theater this afternoon around 4:30 and seeing the hoards of women, all together in groups of 4-6 dominating the this early in the day, i'm guessing the 55-60 mil range.

This is an EVENT movie for women. Their Star Wars, Indy Jones, the one they've been waiting for. They are all dressing up all fancy for it too, as if there's going to be lots of straight males in the audience. I could be wrong, they could be going to The Foot Fist Way(please please!), but i'm sure its SATC.

I'm also in total agreeance that analysts will act as if this is a shocking surprise success. Its not, its expected. Silly box office analysts.



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