Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Who's religious endorsement is scarier for the Jews, again?

Let's make this one quick...

Barack Obama has been raked over the coals for the last few weeks because apparently he has received the unwanted endorsement of Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan is, of course, the former Nation of Islam leader who has been quoted many a time saying various anti-Semitic things ('Hitler was a great man' 'Judaism was a gutter religion', etc) in and out of proper context. For this, Obama was forced to renounce, denounce, announce, and pronounce his disavowal of Farrakhan's naughty beliefs in regards to Jews.

John McCain actively sought and publicly rejoiced in the endorsement and support of reverend John Hagee, arguably the most powerful mega-church evangelist in the country. This is a man who did and still does believe that Catholicism is 'the great whore' and 'a false cult system'. As for Jews, he has no issue with the Jews, as long as they are willing to help Israel unite so that the Rapture can occur, at which time all the Jews will either convert to Christianity or be killed. For this, McCain sowed up the primary count in Texas, winning the state last night and clinching the Republican nomination.

One unwanted endorsement of a long-forgotten icon with anti-Semitic leanings caused an immediate media field day. While another sought-after endorsement of one of the most powerful religious leaders in the country, one who happens to be an anti-Catholic bigot and sincerely hopes that all the Jews will either die or be converted, caused barely a peep outside of the liberal blog sphere within the first week.

Might this be a preview of the media treatment to come? After all, the only politician that the media seems to swoon over more than Obama is John McCain. If they have already chosen sides, then Obama, if he is the nominee, may end up with no better press treatment than John Kerry or Al Gore.

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