Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hidden Gem - The Comebacks (the best ZAZ-type spoof in years)

I can't speak to the 84 minute theatrical cut, but the 107 min unrated cut of The Comebacks is the real deal... a real satire that mocks the conventions of its genre rather than just making its actors play dress-up from this famous movie or this unrelated pop-culture item. The film is basically a spoof of the underdog sports dramas that have popped up in succession in the last several years. And, low-and-behold, it's an actual spoof. There is a real linear plot with actual characters who are allowed to have character-based jokes There are next to no pop-culture references, the film references are actually used to set up punchlines, the script is 'original', and the movie is just plain funny. This is not Airplane! or Top Secret, but it sure as heck isn't Date Movie either. On a specific note, Carl Weathers is every bit as funny here as he was in Arrested Development back in the day. It's well-worth seeking out for a cheap rental.

Scott Mendelson

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