Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What Obama should have said about Farrakhan...

More reasonable choices for Obama's response to the whole Farrakhan non-issue:

1) No sir, I do no reject his endorsement. I welcome anyone who wishes to support me and my campaign. I have based my campaign on bringing different-minded people together and I will continue to do so. I cannot and will not choose which opposing viewpoints are acceptable for those who wish to vote for me.

2) In the same way that voters may vote for me despite not agreeing with me on every issue, it is not my duty to vet each and every supporter in order to make sure they agree with my views on every matter of would-be substance. If I reject money or support based on one issue, then it is then my duty to make sure that I don't accidentally accept money or support from someone who has a less-than-insightful position on another issue.

3) If someone who has abhorrent ideas and/or takes part in abhorrent activities, I will still take their money and say thank you. First of all, I can't vet every cent I get. Second of all, I'd rather a group I disagree with spend their money on my campaign then spend that money doing some activity that I don't agree with. That's 'x-dollars' less that they have to spend on whatever activity I didn't support in the first place.

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