Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Onion Movie lives!!

In the category of never say die, we have a trailer for the long-lost Onion movie. Originally made in early 2005, it has sat on a shelf at 20th Century Fox for almost exactly three years. The reason? It's quite terrible. I actually saw this one at a test screening, way back in March 2005. As a longtime (11 years or so) fan of The Onion newspaper, I was as curious as anybody as to how they would translate the dry, journalistic humor into a feature film. The answer? Poorly.

Of course, I only can speak to the cut I saw, but all of the bits in this trailer are familiar to me. It tries to be a new-fangled Kentucky Fried Movie but lacks the discipline and sharp humor that separates the best Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker spoofs from, well, anyone else's spoofs. It's boring, it's condescending, and it's genuinely bad enough to make you feel ashamed to admit you're a fan of the paper. But, here's the weird thing. The cut I saw was only about 50 minutes, not counting credits. So, unless they are releasing this as a short-feature, there is sure to be new material. As much as I loathed my first viewing, I am curious to see what three years has wrought. That's the bad part about test-screenings... even if the film is terrible, you're still a little curious as to how the final cut turns out.

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