Thursday, April 12, 2012

Trailer: Looper looks like an old-school 'movie' in the best sense of the word.

Well, this looks like pure unadulterated genre fun.  Yes it looks not all-that different from any number of action thrillers, but I'm the guy who gave a "B" to Lockout.  Kudos for apparently casting Emily Blunt as something other than the stock love-interest (Piper Perabo seems to be filling that role, despite being five-years older than Joseph Gordon-Levitt no less). Kudos for getting the exposition out of the way and not revealing all-that much after the first-act hook.  There are certainly hints of twists and turns (Jeff Daniels looks like a walking story turn) and this looks like a rock-solid B-movie blast.  Point being, this is another fine example of the most promising trend of the last few years: the return of the 'movie'.  You know what I mean.  It doesn't cost $150-$300 million.  It has real stars and real character actors playing in the genre sandbox.  It's not based on a well-known source material and it may even be wholly original.  It's not a tentpole or would-be franchise starter, it's just (hopefully) a good story well-told with good actors delivering sharp dialogue.  You know... a 'movie'.  *That's* what Looper looks like and what it represents.  Looper drops September 28th.  As always, we'll see...

Scott Mendelson 

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Corey Atad said...

Looper looks like the same kind of straight premise, intelligent action movie that Nolan gave us with Inception (minus the huge budget and spectacle). The trailer seriously looks like something that'd play in front of a movie and get a huge response from the audience.


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