Monday, March 21, 2011

Fool Me Once... Batman: Arkham City video game gets a terrific teaser

It's no secret that I wasn't crazy about Batman: Arkham Asylum when it came out in August of 2009. Sure, the game looked fantastic, sounded great and was an often dazzling gameplay experience. The problem? The game was just too darn hard and complicated. I'm a 30-year old father of one, with another coming on the way in June. I don't have time to play the kind of video games where you have to check the online strategy guide every two minutes to make sure you're wandering down the right random hallway. Still... good god does this thing look dynamite. And one of the problems I had with the first game, that it only involved wandering around Arkham, seems to be a moot point this time around. So, will I dare try this one again? Dunno, but those who have the time and patience to really dig into Batman: Arkham City are likely in for a treat this October.

Scott Mendelson


Isaac said...

What you don't have time for video games?! I'm gonna forget you even said that and confirm that this game is going to live to all the hype surrounding it. I bet my secret identity...

Ciaran said...

I thought Batman Arkham Asylum easy and linear enough for anyone to pick up and play. It's part of the modern breed of games that, in comparison to the games of yesteryear, is a piece of cake. And I'm someone who rarely if ever plays games these days.


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