Saturday, November 13, 2010

Warner Bros shoots self in the foot by offering Green Lantern preview on Entertainment Tonight.

Studios really have to stop premiering footage of their movies on Entertainment Tonight. They can make any movie look cheap and sound stupid. Just stop doing it, people. Either release the thing online a few days before the weekend or just let people sample your first trailer in a theater. I'll offer actual commentary when the actual trailer premieres on Tuesday. Until proven otherwise, I believe in Martin Campbell...

Scott Mendelson


Anonymous said...

Oh completely agree! I know prior to this, there was the Green Lantern comedy-driven project with Jack Black writing and starring. Seeing this made believe they were still using that script.

Looked more like a Marvel film than D.C. you, "I Believe In Martin Campbell"


Son of Baldwin said...

When I first saw this "First Look," I immediately thought it was a fan-made video from You Tube. Then I went to You Tube and saw the fan-made video. It was better than this.


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