Thursday, November 18, 2010

Clown to become a real movie after all.

It looks like this will be a real movie. Eli Roth announced that he has agreed to produce a feature film 'inspired' by this fake trailer that made the rounds in October, with the creators of said trailer (Jon Watts and Christopher Ford) on board to write and direct. I'm kinda shocked that people thought it was real. It opens with the Lionsgate and Screen Gems (an extension of Sony) logos and closes with a credits page that lists Raw Nerve (an outlet for Warner to deliver direct-to-DVD horror films) and New Line Cinemas as the respective production companies, but I tend to notice stuff like that. Regardless, it was a great little trailer back in October, and I'm kind of shocked that no one thought of this relatively primal idea beforehand.

Scott Mendelson

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