Friday, November 12, 2010

Battle: Los Angeles gets a teaser.

There is apparently a lawsuit going on right now between Sony and the makers of Skyline, as apparently the Strause Brothers and company did special effects work flirting with directing the upcoming alien invasion saga, before going off and making their own low-budget version (think the lawsuit that drives the narrative of The Social Network). So it's an unsurprising bit of 'up-yours' that Sony has this shiny and impressive new teaser to debut on the very day Skyline opens. Sony seems to be saying: "Skyline was the cheap $20 million version, Battle: Los Angeles is the real deal." As for the trailer itself, it certainly seems to have an impressive scale, and I'm a fan of director Jonathan Liebesman. He was on the shortlist to direct Chris Nolan's Superman and he eventually got the gig directing Wrath of the Titans on the alleged strength of this picture. The only recognizable cast member is Michelle Rodriguez, and the soft and haunting soundtrack gives the teaser a weight that generic action music would have denied it. So far so good. This one comes out March 11, 2011.

Scott Mendelson

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