Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Scott Mendelson gets pull-quoted again...!

Thanks to the many readers who caught it and especially to Ryan Bisasky who scanned and sent me a copy of the box art in question.  I don't generally write in a fashion that would lend itself to pull-quoting nor do I make as much of an effort as I should to review little-seen movies that might be desperate for a quote, so this doesn't happen all that often.  I occasionally get inquiries about possible quotes but I don't make the final cut that often (movies I was almost quoted on: The Muppets, Puss In Boots, and eventually Zero Dark Thirty).  Anyway, feel free to rejoice or mock accordingly.  Maybe if I took my wife's advice and wrote accordingly ("Thor brings the thunder!" or "Jack Reacher reaches for greatness!") this would happen more often.

Scott Mendelson


Brandon Peters said...

I've already got "Bruce Willis IS John McClane" ready for my A Good Day To Die Hard review haha

Liam_Ho said...

Curious to know what was almost quoted from you for Zero Dark Thirty. Unless its the "fantastic achievement" line. Anyways congrats.

Scott Mendelson said...

"Jessica Chastain gives a dynamite movie-star performance."
"'Zero Dark Thirty' is a fantastic achievement."
"A fantastic achievement."
"A crackling thriller."
"A terrific piece of adult entertainment."

I was not asked about approval for the portions where I compared it to Fever Pitch and Point Break...

phillylo said...

that's awesome man. congratulations!


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