Monday, October 4, 2010

Coen Brothers True Grit remake gets a generic, uninspiring trailer.

On second thought, maybe True Grit may not be a major Oscar contender. Last week's gorgeous teaser sold the film as some kind of powerhouse western drama, while this longer, more commercial trailer sells it as a rootin-tootin western adventure picture, where (according to the trailer) Hailee Steinfeld's Mattie Ross spends the second half of the picture as a damsel in distress in need of rescue by Jeff Bridges's Rooster Cogburn and Matt Damon's LeBouef from the diabolical Tom Chaney (Josh Brolin). What was teased last week as a piece of art now feels like a paycheck project for the Coen Brothers, a generic western remake that happens to have a solid pedigree. Again, we're judging what's being sold, not what is, but this trailer doesn't look nearly as impressive as the teaser.

Scott Mendelson

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Rick said...

yes, it's one of those "watch the whole movie in two minutes" trailers, but it's still a coen brothers movie with jeff bridges and matt damon. point being, no matter how terribly this movie is sold, i'm going to see it


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