Monday, May 14, 2012

Watch/Enjoy: A pretty terrific Batman: The Animated Series/The Dark Knight Rises trailer mash-up.

By virtue of available technology, the best trailer mash-ups are done through animated films and TV shows.  Four years ago, we got a number of Dark Knight trailer-mash-ups using clips from Batman: The Animated Series, and thus it is so again with The Dark Knight Rises.  What's most impressive about this mash is the sheer variety of footage it uses, as this came from someone who owns a box set of the series and scoured through all 85 original Batman: TAS episodes (plus a few bits from the redesigned New Batman Adventures, mostly from the Batman/Superman vs. Joker/Luthor epic "World's Finest").  Sad to say, I could probably tell you where each and every moment in the above trailer comes from, down to the episode title and general plot outline of each episode in question.  If you want to see how it matches up with the actual trailer, check out a comparison after the jump.

Scott Mendelson

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